ENLP Essentials Programme

29th Essentials Seminar, European Nutrition Leadership Platform
Kick-off online, 16-17 May + an in-person event in The Netherlands, May 28th - June 3rd 2024

ENLP Essentials Programme is open to all food, nutrition and dietetic professionals across Europe who want to become more effective at managing non-scientific/soft-skill challenges such as communication, interpersonal skills, leadership and strategic influence. The 7-day intensive programme is supported by coaching sessions which may take part outside of the formal timetabled activities.

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Seminar Co-Directors:

Dr Louise Durrant

(2022 – present)

Dr Marco Mensink

(2021 – present)

Are you passionate about improving the world of food and nutrition? The ENLP Essentials Programme, first established 25+ years ago, was developed for ambitious individuals who want to make a difference in the world of food and nutrition. This is an intensive training programme which takes place in May / June each year following the Nutrition Leadership Platform structure, namely: outdoor training, team work, in-depth self-analysis and end of seminar case study (application of the lessons learnt). The ENLP Essentials Programme focuses on leadership, not capacity building in nutrition science. We believe that leadership is the “ability to lead from where you are”.

During the ENLP Essentials Programme, participants acquire knowledge, tools and tactics needed to grow as impactful leaders in food and nutrition. This hands-on, highly interactive programme provides participants with the opportunity to reflect on their own strengths and abilities, providing space to test and apply new skills and knowledge acquired individually in in groups and to develop a personal action plan.

Participants will acquire tools which will allow them to successfully navigate across academic and commercial environments including:

  1. Strategies for effective team working.
  2. Knowledge of a range of communication styles to help them to:
    Influence through listening and enquiry.
    Explore their personal strengths of vulnerability and positioning.
    Lead through conflicts.
  3. Preparing and delivering effective presentations.
  4. Knowledge of a range of leadership styles, suited for different challenges & situations.
  5. Reflection and development of a personal action plan.

This is an intensive programme and participants must be prepared to fully commit to the programme. As a participant you will join over 1000 food, nutrition and health professionals who have been trained, inspired and connected through ENLP’s in-depth life-changing leadership programmes and you will become part of a growing ENLP Alumni network of food and nutrition professionals who continue to positively impact on food and nutrition issues.

Traditionally attracting final year PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, early-stage researchers and experienced dietitians, the ENLP Essentials Programme is open to all food and nutrition professionals. For those working in food industry or non-governmental agencies, we encourage those with an MSc or PhD degree in food/nutrition, dietetics or related sciences, and who have several years of professional experience in food/nutrition and health, to apply. In selecting participants, we look for candidates who demonstrate strong motivation, who articulate a clear perspective on their future career, which ideally will have a European focus.


Learn about ENLP Essentials Programme admission requisites, fees, grants and more.

  • ENLP Essentials Programme Requirements

    Apply for ENLP Essentials Programme, if you are a final year PhD student, a post-doctoral fellow or a young scientist/professional working in the area of human nutrition science and related fields, and:

    • Your goal is to attain a leading position to change the world for the better
    • You are in an early stage of a career and committed to your career progression
    • You work in the academic, governmental, non-profit or private sector
    • You work in Europe or have a strong relationship to Europe

    Applications are especially encouraged from countries currently under-represented in the ENLP Alumni Network, including Eastern and Central, and, to a lesser extent, Southern Europe. Preference will be given to candidates under the age of 35 years.

    You must apply online through the ENLP Essentials Programme Application Form.  All applications are reviewed by independent international selection committee.

    You will receive a reply by the end of January.

  • Participation Fee

    Participation fees by category for the ENLP Essentials Programme (2 days online; 5 days in person) are listed below.

    • A: 2,250 Academia, research organisations, public institutions (also not for profit, NGO, charity) 
    • B: €4,500 Industry Gold Sponsor (also small enterprises, self-employed)
    • C: €5,620 Industry ENLP Friend 
    • D: €6,740 Industry Non B or C

    Cancellation conditions**

    Up to 8 weeks prior to the start of the course, cancellation is free of charge.
    Up to 4 weeks prior to the start of the course, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged.
    In case of cancellation within 4 weeks prior to the start of the course, the full course fee will be charged.
    In case of no show, the full course fee will be charged nevertheless.

    **Exceptions on these cancellation conditions can be made depending on the reason for cancelling

Success Stories

The best advice comes from people who’ve been there.


Isabelle Sioen

ENLP 2009, Post-doctoral researcher at Ghent University, Belgium

I would advise everybody to take part in ENLP. It is the ideal week in your live to get advice on how to proceed as optimal as possible. Even years after my ENLP week I still think regularly back to that week!


Djin Gie Liem

The ENLP inspires my leadership style as course director and researcher in Australia. Even after 13 years the ENLP leadership tools still enable me to forecast potential opportunities and fix current challenges.


Dr Rosica Popova

ENLP 2012, Assistant at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria

ENLP is one of my best experiences in my professional career: It supported me to be more organised, motivated and sure of my abilities, and honestly I really got up in my career more easily.


Laura Fernandez

ENLP Advanced 2012, Director Nutrition and Health, European Food Information Council

Attending the ENLP seminar was the most useful experience I have made in my professional life.


Prof Sangita Sharma

Professor of Aboriginal and Global Health Research, Alberta University, Canada

The leadership and management skills I developed following ENLP Advanced, along with the valuable insights on how to influence nutrition at an international level have provided me with the skills to further develop my collaborations and funding op


Dr. Karin van het Hof

Director Nutrition & Health Savoury business Unilever, ENLP 1994

One of the things I most remember from participating in the ENLP Essential Programme, was the task of my team to create a newsletter.


Dr. Angelika De Bree

Global Cross Category Nutrition Director Unilever, ENLP 1995

In the dictionary it says: “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. Suppose that humans want to accomplish all needs as described by Maslow: “How well am I scoring?” My immediate physical needs are taken care off: I feel safe.


Dr. Simone K. Frey

Managing Director BioAnalyt, ENLP 2009

One thing ENLP taught me is that leadership is about my own vision and dream.


Zvonimir Satalic

Coordinator of undergraduate programme of Nutrition at Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, ENLP 2009

You’ll see that ‘’networking’’ is THE keyword of the ENLP. You may disagree at first (that was in my case), but later you’ll realise the immense importance of this.


Dr. Karin van het Hof

Director Nutrition & Health Savoury business Unilever, ENLP 1994

One of the things I most remember from participating in the ENLP Essential Programme, was the task of my team to create a newsletter.

ENLP Essentials Co-Director

Dr Louise Durrant


Louise currently works as a Nutrition Comms Manager at Quorn Foods.

Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Professional. Experienced in nutrition communications with a demonstrated history of working in the food industry and charity sector. Strong research professional with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Surrey. Skilled in leadership, teamwork, research and science communications.

Dr Marco Mensink


Marco is Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Exercise and Health at the chairgroup Nutritional Biology, division of Human Nutrition & Health, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

‘Knowledge is to know what you don’t know; leadership is to know who you are but also to know what you are not’

“My own ENLP journey is only at its beginning, I took the advanced course in 2018 – but didn’t follow the essential program myself, as I wasn’t a ‘hardcore’ nutritionist at that time after studying Movement sciences and obtaining a PhD in Health sciences.
As a true academic scientist I love to understand how nutrition, and exercise, works. To optimize performance or improve health across the lifespan. But I also love to see how young people learn, grow and are able to realize their own potential. This is how I approach teaching, in classes and courses, and one-to-one during Master theses, internships and with young professionals like PhD students and postdocs.
Serving as essentials co-director fulfills me with pleasure when I see young people developing their skills, but also helps me to grow as a leader and gives me the opportunity to work with future nutrition leaders across Europe (and beyond)!”