As ENLP expanded and new links were established a formal consortium was established in 2007 that set the basis for academic presence in ENLP.

The European Nutrition Alliance to Bolster the Leadership platform (ENABLE) currently consists on 15 Universities and research Institutes on seven countries: UK (7), Ireland (2), Spain (2), Finland (1), Germany (1), Norway (1) and The Netherlands (1). ENABLE supports and contributes to the activities organized by the ENLP both at the traninings programmes (ENLP Essentials and Advanced ENLP) by bringing experts to facilitate with case studies within the ENLP Essentials or sharing their view on nutrition leadership to the attendants of the training programmes. Similarly, ENABLE also contributes to the networking and outreaches activities organized by ENLP outside the annual training programmes, again bringing leadership to the forefront.

ENABLE Partners:

Each institute will commit to a frequent contribution to the annual ENLP training  (e.g. as an after-dinner speaker, champion in the case study, board member).
Are you a research/academic institute and interested in joining ENABLE? We would love to hear from you – please e-mail Prof. Alison Gallagher