Are you a professional working in the field of nutrition and health? Do you want to become a more competent leader? Do you want inspire you team and improve your strategic leadership skills? If so, ENLP Advanced is the programme for you.

Set up in 2010 by a group of passionate ENLP alumni, ENLP Advanced is a 3-day programme aimed at senior professionals who want to become more effective leaders. The programme focuses on non-scientific / soft-skill challenges such as leadership, interpersonal and strategic influence.

ENLP Advanced has been designed by a group of leading European nutrition professionals in partnership with Greenbank, a leading international leadership consultancy and is run just once a year, in Luxembourg.  Numbers are strictly limited to ensure a high degree of participation and 1-1 coaching.


ENLP Advanced Learning Objectives:

During the three-day, full-time, hands-on Advanced ENLP Programme, participants acquire knowledge, tools and tactics to impact fully navigate both academic and commercial nutrition waters, including:


Participants experience:

The seminar is highly involving, with lots of small team working, allowing participants to apply the learning into their real world situations. Use of video, 1-1 coaching and feedback makes this an extremely relevant and high-impact experience.

Director of ENLP Advanced: Dr Milka Sokolović (2015-present)

Assistant Director of ENLP Advanced: Dr Emilie Combet (2020-present)


The ENLP Advanced Seminar will run virtually across March and April in 2021.


1. Strategies for effective communication:

  •  Up and down the line of reporting.
  •  With academics, industry and policy makers alike.

2. Knowledge of a range of leadership styles, suited for different challenges and situations.

3. Approaches for building personal impact and reputation.

4. Practical influencing tools.

5. Confidence in negotiations.

6. Effective tactics for giving feedback, difficult conversations and conflict resolution .

  • An introduction to INSIGHTS – an immediately useful personality tool that helps in working more effectively with others – including those different to you!
  • A 360 Review Process – gaining powerful insights to how others see you
  • Exposure to leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Latest thinking in Strategic Influencing strategies and handling Difficult Conversations
  • Strategies and tactics to Achieve Win-Win Negotiations


Applications for the ENLP Advanced 2021 are closed. The next round of applications will open in 2021.