Are you looking for a life-changing experience? Would you like to meet inspiring people? This is what ENLP provides: Training for non-scientific skills such as communication, leadership and strategic influence and a network open to all food and nutrition professionals across Europe.

The first initiative – Essentials Programme – was designed to help recently graduated food and nutrition professionals build their skills in this area and start to build relationships with fellow professionals across Europe. Today, ENLP consists of two annual training programmes, and the ENLP Network that organizes sessions in conferences, events and local circles.

The ENLP Essentials leadership training and development programme is designed to support recently graduated food and nutrition professionals building their skills in this area as well as relationships with fellow professionals across Europe. The ENLP Advanced leadership training programme is designed to provide skills in the specific areas of most relevance to mid-career food and nutrition professionals.

Our network is a growing network of over 750 food and nutrition professionals from over 230 different organizations, including academia, governmental and non governmental departments, non-profit organizations and the private sector. We support each other via seminars, information sharing and peer-to-peer learning.

President ENLP: Professor Alison Gallagher (2015 – present)
I am Professor of Public Health Nutrition and Subject Head for Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at Ulster University, Northern Ireland. I feel priviledged to be in a position where I can pursue my passion for my subject area of nutrition and health by contributing to the delivery of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes (the future generation!) alongside research within our research centre, NICHE. I have been actively involved with ENLP for almost 20 years, initially as a participant of the ENLP Essential programme (1997), ENLP Junior Faculty (1998), then past-president of the ENLP-Alumni, and more recently (in 2011) a participant in the ENLP Advanced. It has been an absolute honour to take over as Chair of ENLP and for me personally ENLP has been a constant source of inspiration and hope for the future! Food and nutrition leaders need both a strong understanding of nutrition combined with influential leadership and communication skills. Our programmes provide unique opportuntities for participants to develop key skills necessary for effective leasdership. Our expanding ENLP network includes highly influential members working within academia, industry, international and not-for-profit agencies and as we continue to grow our ENLP network by educating and inspiring the next generation I am confident that we will continue to have a strong and positive impact on nutrition and health.

Coordinator ENLP: Dr. Anne Mullen (2015 – present)
“I am the Director of Nutrition at The Dairy Council, Great Britain; a non-profit making organisation with a remit to provide evidence-based information on the role of milk and dairy products in nutrition and health. We interact with consumers, healthcare professionals, researchers, academics, food industry and the media with a range of communication strategies and events, and no day is the same! My BSc is in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Dublin and my PhD was from the Nutrigenomics Research Group of Trinity College Dublin. I then went to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as a research fellow on a project in a HIV-endemic community in Zambia. Following that, I became a lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at King’s College London and researched metabolic syndrome associated with HIV. More recently, I moved to The Dairy Council and am now delighted to hold the role of ENLP Coordinator! In work, I love variety and structure – which seems a little contradictory – but the structure and vision of ENLP facilitates teams of friends to work together on exciting, self-directed projects. ENLP has a long, rich history and there are some giant shoulders for us to stand on!

Co-Director ENLP Essentials Programme: Professor Marianne Geleijnse (2015 - present)
“I am Professor and chair in Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease at Wageningen University. My research includes physiological and epidemiological studies of nutritional factors in relation to cardiovascular risk factors and clinical outcomes. In my work I also focus on sustainability aspects of heart-healthy diets. I participated in the ENLP Advance Programme in 2013, which was a great experience for me. In my role as co-director for the ENLP Essentials Programme, I love to see how young professionals start their journey toward becoming an inspiring and influential leader in the field of nutrition.”

Co-Director ENLP Essentials Programme: Paul Whitehouse (2017 – present)
"I am Director Nutrition and Health for Unilever in Europe. My passion is to help people trust and enjoy great-tasting food. I lead the team of nutritionists who work with our chefs and product developers and with our external stakeholders to make food that tastes good, does good and doesn’t cost the earth. I graduated from Leeds University with a microbiology degree and the first phase of my career was focussed on food safety. Later I worked on broader food policy topics in a regulatory affairs role, and now I’m in nutrition. This is my first year working with ENLP and I’m keen to see how we can help develop the leaders of the future"

Director ENLP Advanced Programme: Dr Milka Sokolović (2017– present)
Holding a degree in Biology from the University of Belgrade, and a PhD from the University of Amsterdam, I spent 15 multicultural years truly enjoying the magic of science, looking into metabolism of starvation and obesity. Communicating knowledge has been my passion throughout career, so for good six years I was teaching subjects like medical biochemistry, DNA technology, metabolism, genomics of disease. It is the same passion that has then brought me to Brussels, and to EUFIC, the European Food Information Council, where I now oversee the departments of Nutrition & Health and Food Safety, as Head of Food and Health Science. In EUFIC, we provide clear, practical information on food and health, based on sound science, to both general public and health professionals. To make a difference! Being itself all about making a difference, the ENLP felt just too tempting to miss. In 2014, I took part in the Advanced Seminar, which has built on my leadership skills, inspired me, and made me grow faster. It became a career milestone, and that is exactly what I now, as Director of the ENLP Advanced Programme, would like the future participants to take home with them. I would like to see the course grow to be widely recognized as a nursery garden for the difference-makers.