One thing ENLP taught me is that leadership is about my own vision and dream. The ENLP network and ongoing leadership learning supported be how to turn my dream into reality: During my studies I collected anything I could find about jobs and a career as nutrition professional. My dream was a website made for nutrition students to support them with career planning and entering the job market in industry or university. For some years I kept this idea with myself and did not talk to others about it, just because I thought no one would be interested.  After ENLP I learnt, it is essential to communicate. At that time I was mentor of a young student and I talked to about the idea to her. She loved the idea and in 2011 we launched “Ernährungswissenschaft macht Karriere ( a platform with latest trends in nutrition and health, job postings and career tips. We are annual speaker at the German Nutrition Society meeting and over 3,000 nutrition students are following our career advices. My dream has become reality. Thank you, ENLP.