One of the things I most remember from participating in the ENLP Essential Programme, was the task of my team to create a newsletter. It took our team most of the night to prepare this newsletter and the result gave me the experience that determination, collaboration and trusting others brings out the best. In the newsletter I had summarized the scientific session about antioxidants in a fun way. At breakfast, the newsletters were distributed and I was sitting next to one of the supervisors. After reading my article, without knowing that I had written it, he said: ‘This is something our marketers at Unilever should see, it shows how scientists can think and act in different ways’. I was flying with this compliment, and it helped me to realize I would be able to move beyond research, taking up other roles in the company to work closely with marketing to help translating science into new concepts, new products and new communications. It was one of those single moments that helped clarify my purpose and it has enabled me to apply my creativity to push nutrition forward with business partners, having the ability to relate to them and to communicate in their language. Thank you, ENLP.