ENLP Circles are groups of ENLP Alumni and any interested nutrition professionals who meet regularly to network and advance our vision for leadership in nutrition. The Circles have two main functions: 

  • To harness the power of the ENLP network.
  • To support and encourage our members. 

With the continued expansion of our Network, ENLP Local Circles are network circles located in numerous cities throughout Europe. The Local Circles meet regularly and support the network through lively discussion, debate and encouragement. To check, if an ENLP local circle exists in your area or to set-up one contact Stacey Lockyer.

ENLP Research Circles: Interested in tapping into the power of the ENLP Network? Want to find leading collaborators, advisors or cross-organisational Alumni members? Why not search our Network by specialism. More information by Stacey Lockyer.