Interview with Dr. Katherine Livingstone

Since completing the ENLP Essentials Programme in 2015, Dr. Katherine Livingstone moved to Australia and is now also an ONLP (Oceanic) alumni and a National Health and Medical Research Council Emerging Leadership Fellow and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University. Read about Katherine's ENLP experience and her journey since then, here!

Interview with Dr. Ruairi Robertson

In this interview with Dr. Ruairi Robertson, we hear about his ENLP experience in 2016, and the skills that he learnt and continues to apply today in his post as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow investigating the gut microbiome in the Blizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London.

Presenting yourself online

A timely topic for a workshop during the COVID-19 pandemic!

A total of 46 (young) professionals in the field of nutrition agreed that this was the time to learn more about presenting and online visibility.

2020: COVID-19 Leadership challenges and lessons learned

From very early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown and the (quick) transition to working from home presented many challenges, in both our work and personal lives. More specifically, nutrition professionals and dietitians had to move from working in lively, collaborative, team environments, with regular meetings and networking opportunities, to, in some cases, having to work on our own from home in a make-do ‘office’. Projects have been disrupted, lab work and human trials have been halted, conferences and work trips have been cancelled and face-to-face teaching has stopped.

Seeing the 40 different faces of my wife- interview with Rick Koster

Rick Koster is founder of LeaderScope - an international team of leadership trainers, coaches and facilitators for transformation and talent liberations. The purpose of LeaderScope is to encourage and develop leadership for positive change, dealing with wicked problems connected to sustainability and equality. In response to the COVID-19 situation, Rick needed to transform his own organisation.

ENLP Webinar: Nutrition science, stakeholders & impact: is communication the missing link? By Dr Milka Sokolović

Dr Milka Sokolović is Head of Food & Health Science at EUFIC and Director Advanced Programme ENLP. On  5th October 2020 she was invited to present  for the first ENLP webinar and spoke about "Nutrition science, stakeholders & impact: is communication the missing link?"

Prof. Renger Witkamp: Life after Covid-19; Back to normal ..?

In the third post from our special series ‘Leading during COVID-19’, Prof. Renger Witkamp, head of the Nutritional Biology group at Wageningen University and the ENLP board member/treasurer, reflects how the life after Covid-19 will change.

Dr. Louise Mennen: Leading from your screen

In the second post from our special series ‘Leading during COVID-19’, Dr. Louise Mennen gives us tips on how to lead from your screen. Dr Louise Mennen worked for almost 15 years as a scientist. She noticed that, besides increasing scientific skills and knowledge, scientists also need to improve their soft skills and self-awareness to become great leaders. This is why she now trains and coaches mostly scientists, to inspire them and stimulate their personal development. She trains and coaches people at many (international) universities and research institutes and since 2006 yearly at the ENLP.

Professor Alison Gallagher: Leading during COVID-19

In the first post from our special series ‘Leading during COVID-19’, Professor Alison Gallagher, Chair/President of the ENLP Board and Head of Doctoral College (Coleraine/Magee) at Ulster University, reflects on her experiences working and leading from home.

Greek ENLP Local Circle Event

Gradually coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown, we couldn’t help but reflect on all of the things that took place over the last year and how they have changed us. The past six months have required all of us to show leadership, learn new skills and to communicate in different ways, which reminded us of a previous lockdown: a joyful 5-day lockdown in Luxemburg.