Prof. Renger Witkamp: Life after Covid-19; Back to normal ..?

In the third post from our special series ‘Leading during COVID-19’, Prof. Renger Witkamp, head of the Nutritional Biology group at Wageningen University and the ENLP board member/treasurer, reflects how the life after Covid-19 will change.

Dr. Louise Mennen: Leading from your screen

In the second post from our special series ‘Leading during COVID-19’, Dr. Louise Mennen gives us tips on how to lead from your screen. Dr Louise Mennen worked for almost 15 years as a scientist. She noticed that, besides increasing scientific skills and knowledge, scientists also need to improve their soft skills and self-awareness to become great leaders. This is why she now trains and coaches mostly scientists, to inspire them and stimulate their personal development. She trains and coaches people at many (international) universities and research institutes and since 2006 yearly at the ENLP.

Professor Alison Gallagher: Leading during COVID-19

In the first post from our special series ‘Leading during COVID-19’, Professor Alison Gallagher, Chair/President of the ENLP Board and Head of Doctoral College (Coleraine/Magee) at Ulster University, reflects on her experiences working and leading from home.

Greek ENLP Local Circle Event

Gradually coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown, we couldn’t help but reflect on all of the things that took place over the last year and how they have changed us. The past six months have required all of us to show leadership, learn new skills and to communicate in different ways, which reminded us of a previous lockdown: a joyful 5-day lockdown in Luxemburg.

Leadership approaches and styles: a presentation delivered by Dr Majella O’Keeffe at the UK Local Circle Event

On the 29th August 2019, we held a UK Local Circle Event in London where ENLPer and lecturer Dr Majella O’Keeffe delivered an interactive talk on “Leadership approaches and styles”. In our local events we always aim to further develop our knowledge in topics related directly or indirectly to leadership, while also providing the opportunity for ENLPers as well as anyone interested in participating in the seminars in the future to network.

Undoubtedly, there has been a lot of interest in leadership and what it entails; attempting to search for leadership definitions on Google will yield 948,000,000 results! In summary, most definitions suggest that leadership is the ability to inspire, motivate and guide others, modify their attitudes and behaviours, with the ultimate goal to achieve a shared vision.

What were the key messages on leadership delivered by Majella?

Interview with Dr. Megan Rossi

Megan is a Research Fellow at King’s College London focussing on research in gastrointestinal health, including pre- and probiotics and the low FODMAP diet. She is an internationally renowned gut health specialist and has vast previous experience as a clinical dietitian, sports nutritionist and consultant dietitian for industry. In 2017, Megan set up ‘The Gut Health Doctor’ social media (Instagram account and website) with the aim of translating evidence-based science to the public and improve gut health. Last year, she also founded The Gut Health Clinic in Harley Street and published her first book ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’. She is also founder of Bio&Me, a good for your gut* granola. This year, Megan has awarded the Young Australian Achiever of the Year in the UK award.

Spanish ENLP local circle event

On the 22 February 2020, the Spanish ENLP local circle held a successful session following the ‘I Congress of Young Nutrition Researchers’ in Madrid, Spain. The session focused on two aspects: the meaning of leadership and the richness of different personalities.

Interview with Prof. Hannelore Daniel- a nutrition leader exploring nutrition through molecular science

Hannelore Daniel held the position of Chair of Physiology of Human Nutrition at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. Her main research interests are control mechanisms in mammalian metabolism; studied in model organisms and in humans by using a diversity of cell and molecular techniques and metabolomics for more comprehensive and better phenotyping. Some of the research relates directly to approaches for personalised nutrition. Hannelore is a nutrition expert by training and has worked in Germany, UK and USA. She is a member of the German National Academy of Sciences and an advisor for national and international funding agencies, research centres, companies and the government. Hannelore Daniel has published around 450 scientific papers and reviews and received numerous scientific awards.

Using social media to be an effective leader

On the 11th of March this year, we held a UK Local Circle Event in London where registered dietitian, entrepreneur and marketer Dr. Emily Foster ( spoke with us about using social media to be an effective leader. Local Circles aim to maintain and grow the ENLP network and to continue professional development, for example through the organisation of Local Circle events.