ENLP Essentials Programme Requirements

Apply for ENLP Essentials Programme, if you are a final year PhD student, a post-doctoral fellow or a young scientist/professional working in the area of human nutrition science and related fields and

  • Your goal is to attain a leading position to change the world for the better
  • You are in an early stage of a career and committed to your career progression
  • You work in the academic, governmental, non-profit or private sector
  • You work in Europe or have a strong relationship to Europe and
  • You are younger than 35 years

ENLP Essentials Programme Application Process:

You must apply online through the ENLP Essentials Programme Application Form

All applications are reviewed by independent international selection committee
You will receive a reply by end of December 2017.

Participation Fee

Participation fees for the ENLP Essentials Programme (1 week) are listed below.

A: Academia, research organisations, public institutions

(also not for profit, NGO, charity)

B: Industry 

Gold Sponsor

(also small enterprises, self-employed)

C: Industry 

ENLP Friend

D: Industry

Non B or C