Dietitians are uniquely placed in the public health and clinical practice arena. They are trained to use the most up-to-date scientific research on food, health and disease to promote healthy lifestyles and healthy eating. They may, however, benefit from training on non-scientific skills such as leadership and strategic influence, to be empowered to become leaders in their fields and ensure a strong impact on nutrition and health.

Join the European Nutrition Leadership Platform for an interactive pre-conference workshop where you will learn more about emotional intelligence and different leadership styles and how you can become an effective leader. We look forward to seeing you there!

WHO – Open to all participants of the 2018 EFAD Conference + other interested dietitians (max participants 30-40)

WHEN – Thursday 27 September 13:30 – 17:00 (followed by drink - lunch from 12:30-13:30)

WHERE – Fruitvis: Marconistraat 43, 3029 AH Rotterdam

For more information and the full programme please visit where you will be able to register online or contact